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Fundación de los Ferrocarriles españoles
Visitors to the Railway Museum

Mission and objectives


Be the cultural reference center of the railway in Catalonia, through the conservation, knowledge, interpretation and communication linked to the train, in order to be transmitted to the next generations.


Likewise, it is intended the enhancement of a suggestive Museum which transmits the values of the railway as an opened space of interaction and social inclusion. 




  • To develop and reinforce in Vilanova i la Geltrú a powerful Museum of the Catalonian Railway at the height of its continent and content that becomes the center of reference of the railway in the territory.
  • Set up a Railway Museum that places people around.
  • Establish the Vilanova Museum as a center of reference of the cultural initiatives linked to the train in Catalonia that places Vilanova in a prominent and attractive position.
  • To promote a Museum as a vehicle of communication while emphasizing the value of trains and its evolution, source of understanding of the past, configurator of the present and planner of the future.
  • Identify, select and preserve the current and future tangible and intangible heritage, as well as ensure its continuity and expansion.
  • Raise awareness about the interest and value of the railway's historic heritage to institutions, companies and citizens, while at the same time building a network of collaborators and volunteers who are committed and identified with the project.



  • Vocació de servei públic
  • Orientació al canvi i a la millora contínua
  • Esperit d'equip
  • Proactivitat i experimentació
  • Responsabilitat
  • Flexibilitat
  • Transversalitat
  • Innovació
  • Hospitalitat
  • Cocreació
  • Respecte
  • Confiança
  • Transparència
  • Generositat
  • Inclusió
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